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archeological complex of banteay chhmar

Archaeological complex of Banteay Chhmar

$ 250
per person
temple complex of sambor prei kuk 01

Temple complex of Sambor Prei Kuk

$ 250
per person
beng mealea temple and kampong khleang fishing village 04

Beng Mealea temple and Kampong Khleang fishing village

$ 99
per person
customized multi destinations tours 15

Customized multi destinations tours

$ -
per person
koh ker temple group and beng mealea 03

Koh Ker temple group and Beng Mealea

$ 255
per person
phnom kulen and banteay srei temple

Phnom Kulen and Banteay Srei temple

$ 65
per person
in vietnam and cambodia in the footsteps of marguerite duras 06 (1)

In Vietnam and Cambodia - In the footsteps of Marguerite Duras

$ 2488
per person
battambang colonial architecture, bamboo train, phnom sampeou 04

Battambang colonial architecture, bamboo train, Phnom Sampeou

$ 99
per person
ancient road from angkor to the northwest 02

Ancient road - from Angkor to the Northwest

$ 255
per person
grand circuit of preah khan and neak pean 01

Grand circuit of Preah Khan and Neak Poan

$ 59
per person
pre angkor temples of roluos group and kampong phluk 02

Pre-Angkor temples of Roluos group and Kampong Phluk

$ 65
per person
hilltop temple of preah vihear 05

Hilltop temple of Preah Vihear

$ 275
per person


Welcome to Cambodia!

Located in Siem Reap, in the heart of Cambodia, next to the well-known Angkor Wat temple complex, Kampoul Heritage Tours is well positioned to offer you a variety of tours in an area known for its important contribution to Southeast Asian history.
At Kampoul Heritage Tours our main focus is on cultural tours accompanied by professionals (archaeologist, specialized tour guides) who can provide visitors with a more in-depth knowledge about the sites visited than is commonly available elsewhere.
We strive to develop innovative itineraries that combine the usual temple visit with getting a glimpse of daily life in nearby local communities. Or taking you to off-the-beaten tracks to discover almost untouched ancient monuments, just like the first foreign explorers did more than a hundred years ago.
Our team of dedicated professionals will take care of you and make sure that your stay in Cambodia becomes "a once in a lifetime experience".
website ka neak ta shrine

Kampoul will help you turn your dream destination into long-lasting memories

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Facts about Khmer culture and traditions

- Angkor Wat is the largest religious structure in the World

- Some of Cambodia’s oldest architecture and temples took inspiration from Hindu traditions. Depictions of creatures from Hindu mythology can commonly be seen, such as the garuda – a bird-like creature linked with the Hindu god Vishnu

- Over nearly two millennia, the Khmers have developed a unique culture and belief system from the syncreticism of indigenous animistic beliefs and the Indian religions of Buddhism and Hinduism

- Cambodians traditionally greet each other with palms together, in a manner of prayer. This is called Sam Peah.

- In Cambodia, people remove their shoes when entering a home, a place of worship, or a religious school.

- It’s considered good luck if a tokay gecko is in the same house and calls out seven or more times.

- Cambodia has a proud history of craft making, which has seen a resurgence in recent years. Particular Cambodian specialities include kite-making and basket-weaving.

- When walking in front of someone other than children, Cambodians are expected to bow slightly from the waist as a sign of respect

- The language of Cambodia is called Khmer. It is one of the oldest languages in Southeast Asia, influenced by Sanskrit.